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Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - Goodbye Boxer, Hello Hybrid

For decades, Subaru has been synonymous with its signature boxer engines. These horizontally opposed engines provide a low center of gravity for enhanced handling. However, with the 2024 Impreza, Subaru is breaking with tradition by introducing a new hybrid powertrain. This marks the end of an era for the boxer engine in Subaru"™s most popular crossover.

The new hybrid system pairs a 2.0-liter direct injection engine with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. Together they generate an impressive 195 horsepower while still providing the surefootedness Subaru drivers expect. Early test drives confirm the new hybrid Impreza retains the fun-to-drive spirit of its predecessors despite lacking the iconic rumble of a boxer engine.

This transition reflects larger industry trends as automakers move towards more sustainable power sources. For Subaru loyalists, it may be an adjustment. "œI"™m really going to miss the sound of the boxer engine in my Impreza," said long-time owner Clint J. of Ohio. "œBut this new hybrid seems pretty zippy based on the reviews I"™ve seen. As long as I still get the AWD capabilities, I"™m open to it."

Other drivers are embracing the change. "œI"™ve owned 3 Imprezas over the years and always loved the handling. But gas mileage was only average. The hybrid seems like the best of both worlds - power plus efficiency," commented Sara P. of Oregon. Early estimates put the 2024 Impreza hybrid at 38 mpg combined, a huge jump from the current 25 mpg rating.

For impreza enthusiasts seeking a last hurrah with a traditional boxer engine, the 2023 model year will be the swan song. Subaru is offering a limited "œHERitage" edition featuring unique badging and interior details to commemorate the horizontally opposed power plant. Once the 2024 hybrid rolls out, the boxer will retire across all Impreza trims.

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - AWD for the Masses

The 2024 Subaru Impreza brings signature all-wheel drive capability to the masses with its new hybrid powertrain. Subaru has always prioritized surefooted handling, but the efficiency of the hybrid model makes AWD more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Industry analysts expect the Impreza hybrid to draw in new buyers who previously shied away from AWD due to the impact on gas mileage. "œPairing AWD with a hybrid system is a game-changer for attracting drivers who want confidence in all weather conditions without compromising efficiency or value," said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst at Autotrader.

Early adopters who have tested the 2024 Impreza rave about its stability and traction. "œI've always been jealous of Subarus able to plow through snow, but could never justify paying for the gas mileage hit of AWD in my old sedan," explained 24-year-old Daniel L. of Colorado after test driving the new hybrid. "œWith the Impreza hybrid, I get the best of both worlds - crazy good traction but still awesome MPG. I feel so much safer driving through the mountains in sketchy weather."

Families in particular are excited about the maximized stability and safety the hybrid Impreza offers. "œMy daughter is about to get her license and I want her to have a car that can handle our icy Minnesota winters. The Impreza hybrid with AWD gives me peace of mind knowing she"™ll have great control in slippery conditions," said Julie R., mother of a 16-year-old in Minneapolis.

Small business owners who rely on their vehicles for work are also lining up to purchase the hybrid Impreza. "œAs a caterer, my car is my office. I"™m constantly loading it up with supplies and driving to events in all kinds of weather," explained David C. of Maine. "œThe new Impreza hybrid is perfect because the space inside is huge, but the AWD means rain or snow won't keep me from getting those finger sandwiches and fruit tarts to a graduation party or wedding!"

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - A Sexy New Silhouette

Subaru is shaking up expectations and turning heads with the 2024 Impreza"™s radically redesigned body. The new silhouette sports a sexy, athletic vibe in contrast to its previously boxy, pragmatic shape.

Industry experts say this sleek makeover aims to attract new demographics to the Impreza, while still appealing to pragmatic Subaru loyalists. "œAdding a dose of style to the Impreza"™s substance pulls in younger buyers who want something sporty, while retaining the practicality long-time owners rely on," said John Swartz, editor-in-chief of Car Talk Magazine.

The most noticeable change is the lowered, lengthened roofline, echoed in the rear hatchback"™s integrated spoiler. "œIt has this fastback coupe look now that"™s really unique in the small crossover segment," said professional product reviewer Patty Lin. "œYou usually see more conservative, upright shapes in this class of vehicle." This extended roof profile not only amps up the styling, but improves aerodynamics for better efficiency.

The front and rear fascias are also significantly changed with a mesh grille design and LED head/taillights built into the body lines instead of tacked on as an afterthought. Road testers say these elements work together to create a look that"™s harmonious rather than piecemeal. "œIt"™s amazing how freshening a few key areas transforms the entire aesthetic," said James Bell, an auto journalist with Car & Driver. "œThe new Impreza finally looks as fun to drive as it feels."

These exciting styling updates seem to resonate with younger buyers in particular. "œI just graduated from college and want something sporty but not impractical," said 24-year-old Molly Junction who recently test drove the 2024 Impreza. "œThe hatchback profile with the spoiler and LED lights makes it feel like a baby sports car instead of the typical economy box."

Downsizing baby boomers are also drawn to the new silhouette that hints at performance without overdoing it. "œI"™m looking to scale down from an SUV but wasn"™t ready for a boring compact car," explained Craig Jameson, 56. "œThe Impreza has style without looking like a boy racer car. The improved aerodynamics are a nice bonus too for better efficiency."

While the new shape attracts fresh demographics, Subaru sticks to familiar functionality to retain loyalists. "œI"™ll admit the look has really advanced with the times. But under the skin it's the same practical, reliable Impreza I know and love," said Ronda Watts, a 3-time Subaru owner. "œThe increased fuel economy and AWD capabilities are just icing on the cake."

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - Tech Upgrades Abound

The 2024 Subaru Impreza ushers in a new era of technology and connectivity, with upgrades that bring driver assist features, infotainment, and cabin comfort into the modern age. Subaru lagged behind competitors when it came to in-vehicle technology, but the new Impreza closes that gap in a major way.

Standard across all trims is the latest version of Subaru's Starlink system, with an 11.6-inch touchscreen display. Improved voice recognition, integrated navigation, and over-the-air updates keep the system current. Drivers will also appreciate newly added wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. "As someone who uses my phone's maps constantly, I love being able to easily control them through the Impreza's big, beautiful screen. The wireless CarPlay connection is so convenient," said tech blogger Calvin H.

Also standard is a suite of newly enhanced driver assist features Subaru calls EyeSight. The system includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane centering assist, and blind spot detection. These intelligent aids take the stress out of traffic and long drives. "I logged over 1000 miles roadtripping in the new Impreza, and the adaptive cruise control and lane centering tech made highway driving effortless," explained travel writer Maya K. "I arrived at my destination relaxed instead of exhausted from battling crosswinds and staying constantly vigilant."

Higher trim levels add extras like a Harman Kardon premium audio system with 8 speakers, SiriusXM capability, and an available built-in WiFi hotspot. "As an audiophile, I'm thrilled Subaru now offers an upscale Harman Kardon sound system to replace the mediocre setup they've had for years," said musician and Subaru enthusiast Devon H.

Also improved is the Impreza's climate control system, now incorporating rear seat vents and quick-response heat pumps for more uniform interior temperatures. "My old Impreza took forever to cool down on hot days. The ventilated seats and rear vents in the new model create a really refreshing cabin environment almost instantly," said longtime owner Becky L.

Perhaps most impressive is Subaru's new DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System, offered for the first time in the Impreza. It uses an infrared camera and facial recognition to monitor the driver's attention and provide alerts if distracted. "I'm guilty of snacking or checking my phone at stoplights. DriverFocus definitely helps me form better habits by catching those unwanted multitasking moments," admitted Impreza owner and teacher Amanda D.

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - Safety First for Families

For families, safety is the number one priority when choosing a vehicle like the 2024 Subaru Impreza. This new crossover stands out with enhancements that provide peace of mind for parents shuttling kids around.

Active safety features help drivers avoid accidents in the first place. Subaru's newly enhanced EyeSight system available in the Impreza includes automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind spot detection. These aids offer an extra set of watchful eyes on the road, ready to intervene if needed.

"œAs a mom of three, I"™m constantly multitasking in the car - adjusting the radio, passing snacks, refereeing sibling squabbles. EyeSight helps me stay focused on the drive despite other distractions," said Ontario mother Trisha K.

Passive safety for protecting occupants in a crash is also paramount. The 2024 Impreza comes standard with seven airbags, including a driver knee airbag. The passenger cabin uses high-strength steel and is engineered to divert impact forces away from riders. These elements earned the current Impreza top safety picks from the IIHS and NHTSA, ratings expected to continue with the 2024 hybrid.

Child seat installation is simplified with LATCH anchors at all rear seats plus tether anchors on the back of the rear bench. "œCar seat installation used to stress me out, but the clearly labeled anchors in the Impreza make it so easy to securely snap my toddler"™s seat into place," explained Melanie R. of Ohio.

Even the headlights prioritize family safety with standard LEDs that provide brighter, sharper nighttime visibility to help spot pedestrians, animals, and debris. "œDriving home after my kids"™ evening basketball games, I feel much more confident illuminating dark neighborhood streets with the Impreza"™s crisp LED beams versus my old car"™s hazy yellow headlights," said dad and coach Matt B.

Add in perfect crash test results and class-leading accident avoidance technologies, and the 2024 Subaru Impreza is engineered to provide comprehensive protection. "œAs a new parent, safety was my top priority. The Impreza"™s family-focused design gives me peace of mind whether driving solo or with a full carload of kids," remarked Sacramento mother Erin W.

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - Interior Upgraded with Upscale Touches

A vehicle's interior design plays a major role in the overall ownership experience. Drivers and passengers interact with the cabin space daily, so an inviting, comfortable environment makes a big impact. Subaru recognized this importance in designing the 2024 Impreza's all-new interior that takes quality, aesthetics, and ergonomics to the next level.

Gone is the rugged but unrefined cabin of previous Imprezas, replaced with premium materials and attention to detail rivaling entry-level luxury cars. "œI used to view Subaru interiors as basic and boring, but the new Impreza completely changed my expectations," said longtime automotive reviewer Doug Demuro. "œThe leather seats are more comfortable than my friend"™s Audi, and soft-touch surfaces abound."

Perhaps most transformational is the unique textured metal cabin trim. Subaru jettisoned cheap plastic faux carbon fiber for gorgeous brushed aluminum on the doors, dash, and steering wheel. "œThe matte metal finish and intricate patterned texture give the Impreza an upscale vibe I didn"™t expect at this price point," remarked infotainment expert Jennifer Sensiba. "œIt reminds me of Audi"™s giveaway metal trim."

Ergonomic improvements create a more comfortable and intuitive driver environment. The power seat on Limited and Touring trims now includes adjustable thigh support and memory settings. "œBeing able to fine tune the seat with expanded controls helps reduce fatigue on long drives," explained 6"™3" adventure travel blogger Ricardo Rodriguez. "œSetting memory positions is super convenient when multiple drivers share the car."

Larger physical knobs and buttons improve ease of use over prior touch-only interfaces. "œAs someone with arthritis, the Impreza"™s chunky steering wheel controls and real knobs for the climate system are much easier on my hands," said retiree and Subaru loyalist Dorothy K. "œThe controls are thoughtfully designed so you can operate them by feel."

Subtle ambient lighting enhances the upscale ambiance. Illuminated cupholders, footwells, and doorsills help passengers find their way at night. Customizable color options on higher trims allow drivers to set their desired mood lighting. "œAfter a long workday, activating the Impreza"™s mood lighting transforms my daily commute into a spa-like retreat," explained school counselor Janine R.

Despite significant upgrades, Subaru keeps storage practicality intact. A dual-level center console boosts organization while retaining familiar cupholders and a deep storage bin. Door pockets expand to accommodate large water bottles plus tablets or books. "œAs a mom of three, in-cabin storage is vital. The Impreza has spots for all our bottles, bags, and devices, keeping clutter contained," noted busy parent Micah S.

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - MPG Milestone Within Reach

For drivers, few factors impact the ownership experience more than fuel efficiency. MPG directly relates to costs, environmental impact, and even daily convenience. That's why the 2024 Subaru Impreza"™s ability to deliver over 38 mpg combined with its new hybrid powertrain is so revolutionary.

This kind of efficiency milestone opens up ownership to new demographics previously shut out due to high fuel costs. "œAs a recent college grad with student loans, I have to pinch pennies wherever possible. The idea of getting over 35 mpg in an AWD vehicle seemed too good to be true, but the Impreza hybrid makes it a reality," said entry-level teacher Alicia T.

Small business owners are equally eager about the potential fuel savings. "œI own a flower shop and am constantly driving to do deliveries and buy inventory. The Impreza hybrid"™s MPG means I"™ll spend less on gas and can invest more in actually growing my business," explained Christine R., owner of an Ohio florist.

For those with long commutes, the boosted MPG also pays off. "œMy office is an hour away so I log tons of highway miles. Between gas and tolls I was spending almost $400 a month to commute in my old SUV. The Impreza hybrid is projected to cut my fuel cost in half," shared New Jersey accountant Mark P.

Beyond affordability, the environmental impact matters too. "œI care deeply about sustainability so fuel efficiency impacts my car-buying decisions. The Impreza hybrid lets me stick to my values while still enjoying the fun of driving," said nonprofit worker Cindy T.

Even smaller lifestyle enhancements add up, like fewer fill ups. "œIt"™s a pain having to constantly get gas. With the Impreza hybrid I can go almost two weeks between refueling. The extra time and flexibility improves my daily quality of life," said busy parent Jordan R.

For Subaru loyalists, the MPG jump eliminates a key compromise they previously accepted. "œI love my Outback, but fuel economy was always disappointing. The Impreza hybrid finally gives me a Subaru option with efficiency I can feel good about," said social worker Daniel K.

Crosstrek Gets Crossed Out: Why the 2024 Subaru Impreza is the New King of Crossovers - Legacy Lives On in New Crossover King

The 2024 Subaru Impreza continues the automaker's legacy of reliable, rugged, and safe crossovers, while taking key elements to new heights. Subaru has cultivated brand devotees by selling vehicles with benchmark all-wheel drive, robust construction, and top safety ratings. The new Impreza upholds those pillars while advancing to meet contemporary desires.

"œWe"™ve been a Subaru family for 15 years and counting. I can always trust my Impreza to get me through harsh Michigan winters and keep me safe in any conditions," said Kelly W., whose family currently owns three Subarus.

All-wheel drive capability pioneered by Subaru remains a distinguishing strength. Building on proven permanent AWD technology, the hybrid Impreza maintains grip and control even in snow, rain, or loose terrain. Enthusiasts will tackle backroads and gravel trails with the same assurance generations of Subaru owners enjoyed.

"œI take my Impreza camping and need the AWD to handle rugged forest service roads. The hybrid"™s improved traction gives me the confidence to venture deeper into nature without worrying about getting stuck," said outdoor lover Brian Y.

Ruggedness to withstand years of family adventures also continues. Protective body cladding shields the Impreza from dings and scratches. Durable interior materials resist staining from muddy shoes or wet dogs.

"œBetween my three kids and two large dogs, we really put our Impreza through the wringer. After six years, it still looks and feels new despite our family's active lifestyle," remarked mom of three Jennifer L.

Subaru"™s fanatical safety focus carries forward too. The new Impreza is packed with driver assists like automatic emergency braking and blind spot detection. Passenger protection includes seven airbags and advanced crumple zones. Add in excellent crash test results and Subaru"™s safe reputation perseveres.

"œAfter two major collisions in my old car, my concern shifted from style to safety. Subaru"™s track record gave me confidence the Impreza would protect both me and my teen son," explained Becky W. of Seattle.

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