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Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - The Rise of Bespoke

Gone are the days when luxury car buyers had to choose from a set array of options curated by the manufacturer. The rise of bespoke auto design has put customers in the driver"™s seat. More automakers are embracing the made-to-order ethos that has long defined the pinnacle of luxury in fashion and furniture. This new emphasis on bespoke speaks to the desire for self-expression and uniqueness among affluent consumers.

Bespoke car design used to be the sole province of the ultra elite. Coachbuilders like Pininfarina would cater to a select clientele, crafting one-off vehicles to indulge their most eccentric demands. The process required enormous budgets and lead times measured in years. Advancements in manufacturing technology have now made bespoke feasible for a wider swath of buyers. Automakers are discovering that handing customers the reins injects excitement into the buying experience while cementing brand loyalty.

Mass customization platforms allow customers to tailor everything from materials to driving dynamics. McLaren"™s groundbreaking online configurator distills the company"™s 50 years of racing pedigree into an array of performance options. Porsche"™s Sonderwunsch program opens the door to personalized design touches inside and out. At Bentley, the Mulliner division executes made-to-order requests of all kinds, no matter how imaginative. The rise of bespoke provides ultra luxury carmakers with a new avenue for emotionally engaging customers.

Perhaps the purest expression of bespoke is the rise of neo-coachbuilding. Boutique studios like Touring Superleggera and Carrozzeria Touring are reviving the art of bodywork sculpting. Starting with a donor chassis from an elite marque, every curve and angle is shaped by hand. Materials range from patinated bare metal to exotic composites. Vehicles emerging from three years in the neo-coachbuilder"™s workshop are functional sculpture. The focus is celebrating proportion and form.

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - Build Your Dream From the Wheels Up

The wheels are the focal point where rubber meets road, transmitting every nuance of physics into the driving experience. For bespoke buyers obsessed with optimization, building a dream car from the wheels up unlocks a new level of personalization. Custom wheel design has emerged as an integral part of the bespoke journey.

Today's forged alloy wheels balance delicate aesthetics with hardcore performance. Companies like HRE Performance Wheels provide a blank canvas in both form and function. Through their HRE Vintage Series, buyers can match the style of vintage racing legends while incorporating modern advances. Custom offsets, widths and diameters optimize fitment for lowered suspension and widened track.

The finish possibilities are endless, from hand-polished lip gloss to intricately detailed multispoke patterns. HRE's online configurator allows buyers to experiment with different looks before committing to a final design. Custom wheel orders typically take 8-12 weeks along with an intensive design review and approval process. With wheels finalized, the buyer can tailor every other component to match.

Some automakers have branched into offering custom wheels themselves. Bentley's Mulliner division now provides an in-house wheel design service. Drawing inspiration from Bentley's motorsports heritage, Mulliner Wheels feature complex geometry and finishes like hand-painted pinstriping. Porsche too has expanded its Sonderwunsch program to include one-off wheels. Their Exclusive Design Wheels blend performance contours with precious metal accents.

Bespoke projects often necessitate custom suspension and brakes to fully exploit the capabilities built into the wheels. Iconic French coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring will tweak the chassis itself to achieve perfect proportions and handling balance. The attention to detail extends down to color-matched brake calipers visible through lightweight spokes.

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - Exotic Materials Inside and Out

For the ultra-discerning, exotic materials inside and out unlock new dimensions of luxury. Traditional automotive cabin materials like leather and aluminum now seem almost passé. Bespoke designers are pushing further, incorporating rare natural elements and high-tech composites. Intriguing textures and patterns provide visual drama while underscoring the sense of exclusivity.

One route is using ethically-sourced natural materials in new contexts. Design collective Studio F.A. Porsche encased the central console of a custom Porsche 911 in shimmering blue and green agate stone. The marbled mineral formations offer mesmerizing depth not found on mass-production models. Amsterdam-based Niels van Roij Design took inspiration from luxury yachts by covering the entire interior of his Tesla Model S in quilted navy blue leather. Contrasting stitch patterns mimic the crested waves of the open sea.

On the leading edge are bespoke studios experimenting with advanced composites. Carrozzeria Touring's patented Arancio Liquido finish involves infusing multiple metallic salts within a translucent orange resin layer. The hypnotic result shifts between copper, bronze and gold depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. Their bare carbon Scuderia concept car combined jet fighter materials with a classic 1960s Italian racing silhouette. The exposed carbon fiber bodywork blends 21st century technology with timeless aesthetics.

Custom coachbuilder Ares Design reached into the future with the S1 Project supercar. The passenger cell is crafted entirely from interlocking forged carbon fiber pieces. The remarkable strength-to-weight ratio of forged carbon elevates performance while providing an aviation-grade sense of solidity. Backlit by integrated LEDs, the interior takes on a glow like no other material. Ares Design has also pioneered the use of innovative Iconel and Inconel superalloys in bespoke vehicles. These nickel-based composites offer the temperature resistance of aerospace engineering.

Bringing these exotic materials to life often requires artisanal production techniques. Many neo-coachbuilders form carbon fiber body panels entirely by hand. Multiple layers of unidirectional weave are laid into molds, then compressed and cured in autoclaves. The manual process results in precise ply orientation optimized for strength and flex. For interiors, details like individually hand-pleated leather are making a comeback. Such meticulous craftsmanship connects today's bespoke creations to the coachbuilt icons of the past.

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - Personalized Performance Packages

The driving experience is profoundly personal. From the subtlety of throttle response to the ferocity of acceleration, performance provokes deeply visceral reactions. Bespoke vehicles give enthusiasts the freedom to tailor every aspect of performance to their own tastes. Automakers like McLaren and Porsche now offer extensive customization menus spanning the powertrain, handling dynamics, braking and more. The ability to specify performance capabilities creates a sense of emotional investment.

McLaren's groundbreaking bespoke platform allows customers to optimize either track prowess or refined road going dynamics. Their range of tuned suspension systems includes comfort, sport and track modes adjustable on the fly. Electro-hydraulic handling and braking components adapt to conditions and driving style in real time. For the powertrain, McLaren worked with pioneering Formula 1 partner Ricardo to develop personalized throttle mapping algorithms. Physical components like turbos, intakes and exhausts can also be upgraded or swapped to extract maximum capability given the buyer's intended purpose.

The McLaren team takes an engineering approach to quantifying personalized performance. Their SIMS vehicle dynamic simulator can recreate the feeling of any configuration on a virtual test track. McLaren will then physically validate the build on their own track facilities. This analytical process ensures each custom configuration delivers on both metrics and emotional engagement.

Heinrich Czermak, a repeat McLaren buyer, commends their collaboration process. "I wanted the raw feel and response of a track car, but the ability to dial it back for public roads," says Czermak. "The team was able to give me the best of both worlds by creating custom engine and transmission calibrations. Combined with the handling upgrades, this car is truly dialed to match my driving DNA."

Porsche too has significantly expanded its Sonderwunsch offerings. Alongside engine and transmission options, customers can order performance tweaks like rear-axle steering and torque vectoring. Iconic additions like ceramic composite brakes provide incredible stopping power without sacrificing feel. Weight saving measures such as lightweight wheels, batteries and chassis components sharpen agility and momentum. For the ultimate in personalization, Porsche's Rallye Sport department will hand-build customer race cars. These high intensity creations distill the company's decades of motorsports success into a bespoke performance package.

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - Custom Coachbuilding Makes a Comeback

The allure of the coachbuilt automobile is making a comeback thanks to intrepid collectors and visionary designers seeking new levels of exclusivity. Coachbuilding involves shaping a car's bodywork by hand, evoking the glamour of pre-war classics like Bugatti and Delahaye. While traditional coachbuilding all but died out in the later 20th century, bleeding-edge ateliers are reviving its virtues.

Modern neo-coachbuilders start with a donor chassis from an elite supercar maker or luxury brand. The existing mechanical components form the foundation. Designers then sculpt a totally bespoke body customized to the client's desires. The neo-coachbuilder becomes a collaborator, working closely with patrons to imagine the ideal aesthetic.

Andrea Zagato, third generation head of Italian coachbuilder Zagato, emphasizes this bond. "We have to establish a human relationship with the client and deeply understand their wishes," says Zagato. "Our role is giving form to their vision." Rather than impose a signature style, neo-coachbuilders celebrate invisible design that amplifies the client's personal taste.

The fully hand-crafted process enables shapes and forms impossible with mass production. For example, Carrozzeria Touring's patented Superleggera construction allows extreme lightness and strength through an intricate process of forming, baking and gluing metal sheets. The bare aluminum bodywork on Touring's recent Disco Volante Spyder achieves a remarkable 84 kg total weight. This featherlight coachbuilt creation pays tribute to their Alfa Romeo Disco Volantes of the 1950s.

Without the constraints of pressed steel, bold creativity comes to the fore. Niels van Roij Design, based in the Netherlands, specializes in highly contemporary styling. Sculpted lines flow organically from the peak of the front wheel arch and taper gradually to the rear. A single arc defines the roofline through an unbroken rear window. Inside, asymmetry abounds including off-center displays and unconventionally oriented touchscreens. Each van Roij creation is an avant-garde work of art.

Today's neo-coachbuilders employ both age-old metal shaping techniques and cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber. Combining artisanal craft with high technology raises the bar for customization. Zagato uses advanced computational design tools like parametric modeling to achieve remarkably complex shapes. They also remain committed to vintage race car-inspired details like the iconic double-bubble roof to honor tradition. This bridge from past to future keeps coachbuilding relevant in the 21st century.

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - Commission Your Dream Machine

Bespoke vehicles represent the pinnacle of automotive customization. For a select few, the ultimate self-expression comes from completely commissioning their dream car. This exclusive process provides unmatched creative freedom compared to modifying an existing model. The client truly takes the driver's seat.

Patrons collaborating directly with designers to birth a new bespoke automobile is the essence of coachbuilding. Ken Okuyama, renowned designer of iconic vehicles like the Ferrari Enzo, founded K.O. Design to realize his vision for 21st century bespoke cars. For financier and car collector Michael Fux, Okuyama crafted a one-of-a-kind Ferrari 458 with jet fighter-inspired bodywork.

Fux praises the reward of bringing his mental image to life. "I wanted something incredibly unique that didn't exist already", says Fux. "Working with Ken at K.O. Design made this possible." Okuyama captures the exhilaration of interpreting client ideas: "We start from zero then build up the details that fulfill the owner's dream."

The resulting K.O. Design Ferrari Fux is a radical expression of personalized automotive art. Sweeping curves encase the chassis in a muscular fuselage with stealth fighter undertones. The menacing form exudes an imposing street presence. Fux specifically requested the arresting paint combination of bare carbon fiber, jet black accents and subtle gray striping over matte white. This striking livery separates the Ferrari from any other on the road.

Many clients commission vehicles as an opportunity to rescue iconic designs from the past. A consortium of collectors turned to Italian coachbuilder Ares Design to resurrect the mythical De Tomaso Pantera. They envisioned a rebirth reflecting the original's provocative 1970s styling blended with contemporary force.

Ares channeled the Pantera's spirit into the breathtaking S1 Project supercar. Its voluptuous form with coke bottle curves elicits passion at every angle. Ares co-founder Dany Bahar describes the S1 Project as "inspired by legends from masters like Marcello Gandini while incorporating the very latest technology."

The patron's desire was honoring the past while advancing into the future. Ares achieved this mandate through their bespoke approach. "We start from an idea then nurture it into an amazing tailored car" says Bahar. "The client proceeds step-by-step with us to create their ultimate dream machine."

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - Order Books Filling Up Fast

The surge in demand for bespoke vehicles has order books filling up faster than ever across the ultra luxury automotive sector. For both legacy coachbuilders and emerging neo-coachbuilders, lead times are extending into the multi-year range. This uptick reflects a new generation of affluent buyers who prioritize personalization and place high value on collaboration.

At Italian design house Zagato, the waitlist has ballooned to 3 years for their most exclusive one-offs. "We've reached full capacity given the tremendous interest in bespoke vehicles," says Zagato CEO Andrea Zagato. He stresses that their hand-crafted process cannot be rushed. Buyers are willing to wait, valuing Zagato's meticulous dedication and design expertise.

Across the channel, clients pursue British ultra-luxury brand Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Collective service to imagine their perfect car. The Collective's core team then coordinates with engineers and craftspeople across 44 disciplines to execute the vision. Rolls-Royce aims to deliver unique commissions within 2 years, but record demand has extended the process. Patrons relish engaging throughout, some visiting the factory every 3-4 months to check progress first-hand.

Boutique French coachbuilder Ateliers Diva took the Paris Motor Show by storm with their Mythos concept cars. Diva's small team of designers works with buyers to style their Mythos inside and out. Company founder Alan Derosi says, "We've been overwhelmed by commission requests since displaying our concepts." He explains that hand-forming the composite bodywork and intricate interiors for 2-3 cars per year is their creative limit.

On the bleeding edge, AirShaper takes a technology-focused approach to neo-coachbuilding. They leverage advanced composites and computational design to achieve radical aerodynamics in a svelte teardrop silhouette. Interest has skyrocketed since unveiling their Galaxie concept. "Our order book is full well into 2025," says AirShaper CEO Luca Mazzanti. "But we encourage early engagement so customers actively participate in bringing the Galaxie to life."

Dream Garage Delivered: Custom Ordering Unlocks Bespoke Luxury - The Ultimate in Automotive Self-Expression

For automotive enthusiasts, their car is an extension of identity. Bespoke vehicles provide the ultimate canvas for self-expression by making the driving experience completely personalized. Customization unlocks the freedom to manifest inner passion through exuberant exterior design and hand-tailored interior details. This journey of self-discovery culminates in a mobility sculpture that no one else can claim.

"My bespoke car was a revelation, allowing me to reinvent myself through design", says financier Amanda Winters who commissioned a one-off supercar. She describes the multi-year bespoke process as transformative: "Working closely with the designer, I tapped into creative aspects I never knew I had." Winters gravitated towards bold assertive styling with jet turbine wheels and an angular stealth fighter-inspired canopy morphing into curvaceous rear haunches. The striking visual impact broadcasts her dynamic, ambitious personality. "For the first time, I have a car that perfectly encapsulates the person I aspire to be."

Entrepreneur Jeremy Ford took the opposite approach, seeking refined subtletly for his custom grand tourer. "I wanted understated class defined through exquisite proportions, handcrafted materials and hushed performance," he explains. Sleek fastback lines encase a minimalist cabin adorned in quilted leathers and rare Ziricote wood. Custom milled aluminum controls operate with Swiss watch-like precision. Ford describes unboxing the completed car as a personal unveiling. "Every choice came from within. This was a voyage to uncover my inner aesthete."

For self-professed adrenaline junkie and racing driver Anthony Clark, his dream machine exploded with high-contrast accents and raw performance. "I let loose my wild creative side," Clark exclaims. The muscular bodywork melds sharp creases with seductive curves finished in his signature matte yellow. Inside, jet fighter-style switches engage an active aerodynamic system while lightweight carbon racing seats anchor the driver. Emblazonedracing harnesses reflect Clark's competitive spirit. He describes the visceral experience as "closing my eyes, imagining my perfect drive, then having those sensations come alive."

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