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Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - More Room to Cruise in Comfort

For those who savor the open road, few things compare to the sheer indulgence of space - stretched out legs, ample personal storage, and elbow room to spare. The Bentayga Extended has taken already-plush interior quarters to new heights of accommodation and flexibility. This bespoke SUV lavishes occupants with a wheelbase stretched an additional 7 inches, translating to rear legroom rivaling a limousine.

Settle into quilted leather seats that cradle in all the right places. Personal climate control and massage functions ensure supreme physical ease. Revel in the capaciousness as the miles glide by. With the Extended's enhanced proportions, Bentley has crafted an impeccably refined cabin scaled for longer voyages.

And the pampering doesn't end with the rear seats. Even with the lengthened body, a 3rd row can be added for an SUV that actually seats seven adults in true comfort. Optional refrigeration and custom picnic hampers mean passengers in rows two and three can enjoy refreshments on the move. The ingenious folding seats allow owners to tailor the Extended's configuration to the trip at hand. From airport transfers to cross-country treks, this Bentley stands ready to transport its occupants in first-class style.

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Form Meets Function for the Ultimate Ride

With the Bentayga Extended, Bentley has struck the ideal balance between aesthetics and engineering. This bespoke SUV couples elegance with capability, merging head-turning style with the robust foundations for a dynamic driving experience.

Beneath the Extended's sweeping contours and opulent finishes lies a chassis and drivetrain honed for performance. The Speed variant ramps up the thrill factor even further, rocketing from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. That's supercar acceleration in a full-size luxury SUV. Even with the expanded dimensions, the Extended remains sure-footed and planted through tight corners. Adaptive air suspension provides a cloud-like ride that belies the vehicle's nimble reflexes. Massive brakes bring the 5,400 pounds of machine to a controlled stop again and again.

Owners have praised the Extended's poise and tractability in a range of conditions. One Middle Eastern customer found the SUV equally at home navigating winding coastal roads as it was tackling off-road dunes near his desert estate. The smooth powertrain and unflappable chassis imbue confidence whatever the terrain.

The Extended's elongated silhouette actually improves high-speed stability thanks to optimized weight distribution. Whether cruising across states or taking a sweeping on-ramp, the SUV's composure and responsiveness bring a smile at any speed. Even in dense urban traffic, the Bentley shrinks around the driver, with precise steering and unmatched visibility reducing the sensation of size.

Form follows function in the Extended's bespoke design details as well. The flowing fender flares accommodate greater suspension travel and larger wheels for an aggressive stance. Air intakes are integrated harmoniously into the front fascia, feeding the 12-cylinder engine all the air it needs to generate up to 626 horsepower. The dramatic hood line hints at the power lurking beneath.

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Bespoke Styling Takes Personalization to New Heights

For Bentley owners, a standard model simply will not do. This elite clientele demands a level of personalization befitting their stature. The Bentayga Extended opens up new possibilities to tailor the SUV to the owner's precise specifications. With the Extended's Bespoke program, customers work directly with Bentley's designers to craft a one-of-a-kind vehicle inside and out.

From exterior paint and interior leather to personalized embroidery and metal finishes, no surface goes untouched. Bentley's Mulliner division consults extensively with clients, getting to know their aesthetic tastes and how they plan to use the vehicle. For one Chinese owner wanting an Extended to chauffeur his family, Mulliner devised a two-tone Glen Green and Beluga exterior with hand-painted orchids on the rear doors, a symbol of purity in Chinese culture.

Another client planning international journeys requested an Extended outfitted for ultimate utility. Mulliner customized the cabin with sliding tables, a built-in fridge and sweating champagne bottle holders - perfect for entertaining fellow travelers. Even the picnic hampers were personalized with the owner's initials.

Bentley employs artisanal craftspeople to execute bespoke visions flawlessly. Wood inlays can be cut to exhibit natural grain patterns meaningful to the customer. Metalwork, from the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament to the dashboard vents, gets hand-finished and enamelled based on the owner's selected hues. The hand-stitched leather upholstery can incorporate personalized patterns and embroidery in the owner's choice of hide.

One Indian entrepreneur had Mulliner integrate traditional Meenakari enamelwork into the metal trim pieces. This ancient technique from Rajasthan uses brilliant colors to decorate precious metals - a fitting touch for the customer's heritage. The expertise to combine old-world artistry with modern luxury is what makes the Bentayga Extended Bespoke program so exceptional.

Owners have been brought to tears upon taking delivery of their vehicles. One Middle Eastern royal family had their Extended customized with rear-facing seats, allowing the royals to face their subjects during parades through the streets. The one-off Bentley perfectly reflected their public duties.

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Tranquil Cabin Tuned for Auditory Bliss

The gentle purr of the engine. The hush of tires on freshly paved backroads. The whisper quiet climate control. In the Bentayga Extended, sound "” or lack thereof "” takes on a life of its own.

Bentley's engineers have tuned every aspect of the cabin acoustics, eliminating unwanted noise while accentuating the driving experience audibly. Advanced sound-deadening materials throughout the chassis and undercarriage quell disturbances from the road. Acoustic glass ensures wind and engine sounds stay outside where they belong. Even at highway speeds, the interior remains library-quiet.

Yet the Extended's silent running belies its performance capabilities. Engage the 6.0-liter W12 motor, and a mellifluous growl fills the cabin as the twin-turbo engine winds through its broad powerband. Hit the metal pedal, and the uptuned sports exhaust barks with authority. It's a soundtrack befitting a grand tourer "” understated yet brimming with potential.

The Bespoke program allows customers to further refine the auditory experience through personalized exhaust systems and engine calibrations. Mulliner will tune the acoustics to suit an owner's exact tastes and driving style, whether they prefer a muted rumble or a wide-open howl. The custom engine mapping also optimizes throttle response and power delivery to the owner's specifications.

In the cabin, Audiophiles can indulge in the $8,500 Naim for Bentley audio system. With 20 speakers seamlessly integrated into the interior, the 2200W system envelops occupants in concert hall-quality sound. Owners praise the crystal clarity across the audible spectrum, perfect for enjoying a favorite orchestral composition or an invigorating guitar solo.

The thoughtful placement of each speaker eliminates distracting echoes while creating an immersive surround-sound experience for every passenger. Carefully tuned digital signal processing ensures optimal output regardless of cabin conditions or vehicle speed. Even subtle sonic details come through with lifelike realism.

One Saudi owner had Mulliner design custom speaker grilles finished in Arabesque geometric patterns. The intricate grillwork complements the hand-tooled leather interior while allowing the British audio engineering to shine.

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Engineering Marvel Masters the Open Road

The open road presents endless opportunities for exploration, adventure, and self-discovery. For drivers of the Bentayga Extended, those journeys are made all the more exceptional by the engineering virtuosity embedded in its aluminum spaceframe.

Bentley's engineers faced a complex challenge - to take an already high-performing SUV and stretch its dimensions without compromising ride quality or handling. Lengthening the chassis while maintaining strength and rigidity demands advanced metallurgy and meticulous construction techniques.

The Extended's spaceframe architecture proves Bentley's mastery of both. Hydroformed aluminum pieces form the basis of an immensely strong yet lightweight chassis. Bentley selected aluminum alloys with precise properties - strength for crash protection, flexibility to resist fatigue, and hardness for durability. The complex hydroforming process fluidly shapes the alloy into hollow, tubular cross-sections ideal for an elongated SUV.

Innovative welding methods join the spaceframe components into a singular, stiff structure. Previously, aluminum's low melting point made conventional welding problematic. So Bentley employs friction stir welding to molecularly meld the pieces. The process generates localized heat just between parts without compromising their temper. The result - seamless joints with greater tensile strength than the parent metal.

Strategic bracing and precise dimensional tolerances further bolster the spaceframe"™s solidity. Bentley's engineers rigorously simulate crash scenarios and dynamic stresses. Then they reinforce areas prone to deformation with custom extrusions and castings. The extended chassis meets the most stringent global safety requirements with just a 220lb weight penalty over the standard Bentayga.

Owners relish the robustness blended with responsiveness. Heading up the Pacific Coast Highway, the sure-footed SUV takes tight switchbacks in stride. British winemakers praise its stability while navigating gravel vineyard roads. One Scottish owner recounted effortlessly towing horse trailers, thanks to the chassis"™ torsional stiffness under load. He remarked: "œWhether cruising the motorway or tackling muddy rural lanes, the Extended imparts a feeling of unflappable control."

The deftly engineered underpinnings also contribute to ride quality. Adaptive air suspension smoothes out imperfections, while the stiff chassis prevents shaking or harshness. One Midwestern owner said his Extended delivers "the absorptive comfort of a hovercraft" over the battered streets of Chicago. Even the longer wheelbase doesn"™t transmit additional pitch and squat during acceleration or braking.

The spaceframe"™s balance of ruggedness and compliance instills confidence. It allows the Extended to transport occupants down any road in unruffled tranquility. One Swiss diplomat praised the SUV"™s solidity and traction during a dicey winter commute on alpine passes. He credited the sure-footed Extended with getting his family to the ski chalet safely.

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Cutting-Edge Tech Entertains and Assists

In an era of rapid technological change, the Bentayga Extended deploys innovative features that don"™t just impress, but also enrich the driving experience. Bentley"™s engineering team has harnessed the latest advancements to create an onboard digital ecosystem tailored to owners"™ modern, connected lifestyles.

For entertainment, the Bentley Entertainment Tablet allows backseat passengers a 12.3" touchscreen for streaming video, web browsing, and controlling cabin features. Built-in WiFi powers superfast LTE connectivity to keep everyone happily occupied on long trips. The tablet's convenience functions adjust climate settings, ambient lighting, window shades, and seat massagers on demand. Passengers can curate personalized music playlists from streaming apps, enjoying concert hall-quality sound from the Naim audio system"™s strategically placed speakers.

Up front, Bentley"™s advanced Digital Cockpit immerses the driver in high-resolution graphics while keeping vital controls at their fingertips. The 12.3" display presents 3D navigation mapping with satellite imagery for clarity at a glance. Touch capacitive switches replace familiar tactile buttons with intuitive swipes and pinches. Settings integrate with drivers' smartphones via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enables truly hands-free operation.

In motion, sophisticated driver assistance technologies enhance safety and awareness. Night Vision detects pedestrians and large animals in the road ahead using an infrared camera. Adaptive cruise control maintains a set distance from other cars, automatically slowing in traffic. Blind spot monitoring helps drivers change lanes safely, while traffic sign recognition never misses a speed limit. Surround camera vision provides a 360-degree birds-eye view for navigating tight spaces.

Owners praise these aids for reducing stress and fatigue. One city driver said, "œIn heavy traffic the Extended virtually drives itself, letting me relax while the Bentley does the work." He added that the night vision gives him peace of mind driving after dark. For new owners, the intuitive systems speed acclimation. "œWithin days it felt like the SUV was an extension of myself," said one young professional.

In the event of a collision, unseen protections also come into play. Pre-crash braking prepares for impact by cinching seatbelts and closing windows. Post-collision braking slows the vehicle's momentum to prevent a second impact. Bentley"™s connected services even automatically notify emergency responders if an airbag deploys.

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Meticulous Detailing Evokes Old-World Elegance

The beauty of the Bentayga Extended lies not just in its sweeping exterior form, but also in the meticulous details that evoke old-world elegance. From the intricate knurling on metal finishes to the hand-cut wood veneers, each embellishment echoes the master craftsmanship of generations past. This fastidious attention imbues a modern machine with timeless sophistication.

Every surface and appointment exudes considered taste rather than brash opulence. One American owner praises the Extended's "whispered luxury that surrounds you like a bespoke suit...nothing garish or ostentatious." Metal pieces bear delicate pinstripes and knurled patterns that refract light seductively. Dashboard vents get hand-turned on antique lathes then enameled in the owner's choice of sheen - matte, satin or high-gloss. The hand-stitched diamond quilting on leather seats and doors repeats motifs from marque's heritage models.

The wood veneers demonstrate another level of artistry. Bentley's woodshop hand picks gorgeous, rare timber then slices it to exhibit the most interesting natural grain patterns. The sliced veneers get assembled like a jigsaw puzzle to form stunning continuous images across the cabin surfaces. Owners can even select veneers incorporating salvaged wood from British castles or vintage speedboats if they desire a slice of history.

One European owner recalled the joy of watching Bentley's craftspeople source elm burr from a storm-felled 300 year old tree on his family estate. The twisted, burled sections were then bookmatched to dramatic effect on the SUV"™s doors and console. The wood"™s gnarled outline echoes his manor home's architecture for a warm, familiar ambiance in the cabin.

Beyond the standard veneers, Bentley also offers hand-painted custom designs to imbue the wood with deeper meaning. The Chinese client with orchid paintwork had the blossoms flowing across the full length of the cabin, from the picnic table tops to the front console. The fluid style reflects the owner's desire for harmony between family members.

Another owner planning to exhibit his Extended at concours events globally worked with Mulliner to develop marquetry celebrating Baroque architecture. Intricate laser-cut wood pieces formed columns, arches and spires, recreating a Miniature Palais across the cargo floor and center console. Illuminated from within, the veneer came alive to transport viewers to 18th century Versailles.

Such bespoke craftsmanship makes each Extended unique as an artistic creation. But common to every example is an atmosphere of timeless, understated elegance. One British financier said his Extended made even his vintage Rolls Royce Phantom feel gauche. For him, the SUV "conjures the golden age of travel when taking a journey was an occasion worthy of one's finest."

Lap of Luxury: The Bentayga Extended Goes the Extra Mile in Performance and Pampering - Built for Drivers Who Demand Only the Best

The Bentayga Extended satisfies even the most discerning drivers who settle for nothing less than superlative. This elite clientele"™s automobile collections boast the highest echelons of luxury and performance. For them, the Extended stands apart as a bespoke SUV that caters to their refined tastes without compromise.

Bentley understands that exacting owners consider driving itself an artform. The way an engine revs through its powerband, the nuanced communication between chassis and road, the millimeter-perfect inputs required at speed all constitute a tactile symphony. So while cosseting passengers in sublime comfort, the Extended also provides a driver-focused cockpit tailored specifically for the connoisseur.

The driving position screams precision and control. Supportive quilted leather seats keep occupants firmly planted during intense cornering. Controls fall readily to hand with the perfect weight and damping to deliver satisfying tactile feedback. The smaller GT-style steering wheel with driver-selectable variable ratio communicates the bends in the road. Customers seeking the ultimate connection can even specify a mechanical locking differential for effortless mid-corner adjustments.

Power delivery from the silken 12-cylinder engine matches the chassis"™ agility. Selecting S mode or controlling shifts via paddles rewards drivers with sharper throttle response, quicker gearchanges, and more vocal exhaust notes. The transmission intuits the road ahead, selecting the ideal gear before the driver must ask. Custom engine calibrations allow connoisseurs to shape power and acoustics to their desire.

Brake-based torque vectoring generates subtle brake pressure at individual wheels for tighter line-holding and quicker rotation mid-corner. This instinctive poise retained over the Extended"™s longer wheelbase delights drivers accustomed to much smaller sportscars. "œIt handles like a true driver"™s machine shrunk down to half its size," remarked one owner.

Bentley"™s PID control logic ensures body motions remain in check however pushed. The stiff spaceframe, adaptive air suspension, and 48V electric anti-roll control keep the SUV's 5400lb mass steady through sweepers. "œThe Extended takes set up through a long sweeper like a sports car on rails," said one customer at a California canyon road tour.

Access to this dynamic repertoire requires skill, yet the chassis inspires confidence. "œYou feel like a pro driving it just within its limits," shared one new Bentley convert after a performance driving course. He added: "œIt gave me the courage to explore its capabilities in ways I never thought possible."

The Extended challenges and rewards in equal measure, catering to enthusiasts keyed into everything from grip levels to gear selection. Said one regional director after tackling Germany"™s famed Nurburgring track: "œEach input showed the SUV had more to give...it begs you to probe its potential." Drivers laud its bandwidth - docile when desired, tenacious when unleashed.

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