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Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - The Name's Vanquish, Aston Martin Vanquish

When one hears the name Vanquish, images of James Bond's gadget-laden Aston Martin whipping through the streets of London instantly come to mind. This iconic nameplate has graced some of the most celebrated Aston Martin models since 2001, embodying the British marque's trademark blend of brute force and finesse. The latest iteration cements the Vanquish's reputation as one of the most coveted supercars on the planet.

Car enthusiasts and critics alike swooned over the Vanquish when it first debuted in the early 2000s. Its captivating design and roaring V12 engine made it a poster car for a generation. The interior "COCKPIT" enveloped drivers in leather and suede, surrounding them with the finest materials that exuded hand-craftsmanship. Of course, the Vanquish also packed substance to match its style - its 580 brake horsepower rocketed the car from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. This combination of beauty, luxury, and power created an intoxicating sensation for those lucky enough to slip behind the wheel.

Two decades later, the magic endures. The latest Vanquish retains everything that made its predecessors special while incorporating cutting-edge aerodynamics, chassis engineering and creature comforts. Aston Martin has evolved the model into a sharper, more aggressively-styled machine. Yet it honors the Vanquish's heritage through its seductive curves and elegant proportions. The interior remains undeniably lavish, especially when outfitted with quilted leather and metal veneers. Under the hood lies a twin-turbocharged V12 pumping out nearly 700 horsepower - technology that early Vanquish owners could only dream about.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - Interior Fit for a Secret Agent

Slipping into the Vanquish's cockpit feels like suiting up for a covert operation. Aston Martin pulls no punches when it comes to outfitting the cabin to pamper its occupants. This is an interior fit for James Bond himself, should he ever retire from the spy game and splurge on the supercar of his dreams.

The moment the door swings upward, your eyes feast upon a sea of leather and Alcantara. Quilting and stitchwork abound, elevating the level of craftsmanship. Opt for the carbon fiber trim and metal accents, and the look borders on jewelry store chic. Ambient lighting casts a moody glow against the hand-wrapped materials. Yet the Vanquish also embraces technology, with amenities like a 10-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay, navigation, a premium audio system, and more.

Perhaps most critical, the Vanquish checks every box for driver-focused ergonomics. The low-slung seat hugs you in place as you grip the flat-bottom steering wheel. The dashboard subtly cocoons the cabin, with its sleek lines and aviation-inspired design. Critical controls sit within easy reach, allowing you to focus on the road. Reviewers praise the Vanquish's visibility and supportive seats that keep fatigue at bay, even on long hauls. You feel at one with the car, thanks to Aston Martin's meticulous attention to detail.

While critics applaud the Vanquish's blend of aesthetics and function, some owners see room for personalization. The options list gives buyers tons of ways to customize their baby, from unique paint colors and leather types to carbon ceramic brakes. The bespoke "Q by Aston Martin" program opens even more possibilities for exclusivity. However they choose to spec it, Vanquish owners relish tailoring their car's personality.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - Under the Hood: A Roaring V12 Engine

While the Vanquish pampers occupants with its hand-crafted cabin, it's the growling beast under the hood that truly stirs souls. Aston Martin sticks to its tradition of naturally-aspirated V12 engines to power the Vanquish. Few automakers have the pedigree or passion for V12s like Aston Martin. The British marque first toyed with 12-cylinder power in 1922. Today, that obsession culminates in a 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 producing 690 horsepower and 555 lb-ft of torque in the Vanquish.

This new-generation engine builds on a legacy of smooth, potent V12s in Aston Martins. Yet the twin-turbocharged design and sophisticated electronics give it a ferocious alter ego. Reviews describe the soundtrack as intoxicating, with a deep, guttural idle exploding into a roar under hard acceleration. The turbos spool up nearly instantaneously to unleash a tsunami of power. Sixty miles per hour arrives in a mere 3.5 seconds before the Vanquish thunders onwards to a top speed of 200 mph. Even at cruising speed, the whisper-quiet cabin struggles to dampen the V12's voice. It's always there, rumbling with potential.

The engine's potency awes professional drivers and owners alike. Car and Driver's Tony Quiroga gushes, "The brute force of the accelerative experience is amazing enough to make me forget the turbo lag that I thought would be there. I'm pinned to my seat by an invisible 600-pound sumo wrestler." Owners celebrate crossing the 10,000-rpm redline and being shoved back by the explosive mid-range punch. Yet equally impressive is the engine's refinement. Testers commend its smoothness and tractability at low rpm. The twin-turbo design broadens the power band compared to previous naturally-aspirated Aston V12s.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - zero to 60 in a Flash, As Quick as 007's Wit

Sleek, sexy, and ungodly quick "“ that's perhaps the best way to sum up the latest Aston Martin Vanquish. This British bullets accelerates with the intensity of a catapult launch off an aircraft carrier. Sixty miles per hour arrives in a mere 3.5 seconds before the Vanquish thunders onwards to a top speed of 200 mph.

Make no mistake, this is legit supercar territory. The Vanquish stacks up against the most elite modern performers both in raw speed and driving dynamics. Respected outlets like Car and Driver recorded a 3.3 second 0-60 mph run during testing. For perspective, that's on par with million-dollar hypercars from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Road & Track's Travis Okulski noted the explosive acceleration made his stomach drop as if riding a rollercoaster. He quipped, "this thing could get out of trouble faster than 007."

Once the turbos spool up, owners describe being pinned to their seats as the Vanquish leaps off the line. There's no old-school turbo lag or power delays - just instant, neck-snapping thrust that manhandles occupants. The V12 hits its 690 horsepower peak between 5,000 and 6,000 rpm, right in the heart of the power band. Drivers only need dip slightly into the throttle for the turbos to unleash their muscle. The mid-range punch slingshots the Vanquish forward with the urgency of a fighter jet on afterburners.

The acceleration doesn't fade at higher speeds, either. Roll-on acceleration from 60-120 mph takes just 4.1 seconds per Car and Driver's tests. The thrust keeps building until the Vanquish smashes into its electronic limiter around 200 mph. Former F1 driver David Coulthard described the velocity sensation as both "œterrifying and addictive." Yet the confidence-inspiring chassis and steering prevent uneasiness from creeping in. You feel in total control harnessing the Vanquish's potency, as Coulthard put it, "œlike a saddled up stallion ready to bolt."

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - High-Tech Gadgets Galore

The latest Aston Martin Vanquish lavishes owners with technology, packing the cabin with high-tech gadgets to rival Q's Lab. Given its six-figure price tag, one expects amenities to pamper and wow. The Vanquish delivers with an array of innovations to make driving more immersive, luxurious and safe.

Foremost is the Glass Cockpit instrumentation, which replaces traditional gauges with a single curved screen. Graphically rich animations display speed, rpm, navigation and more with crisp brilliance. Cameras replace side mirrors, beaming feeds to slim displays on the A-pillars. Owners especially praise the 360-degree parking camera and night vision system for added awareness.

The high-resolution central touchscreen integrates navigation, climate, audio, Apple CarPlay and more. Reviewers applaud its responsive interface and logical menus. And audiophiles rejoice at the phenomenal 1000-watt Bang & Olufsen stereo. With 12 speakers and acoustic lens technology, it transforms the cabin into a pristine concert hall.

Adding to the sense of occasion is the Configurable Dynamic Mode. It lets drivers tune the suspension, transmission, traction control, exhaust sound and other parameters through the touchscreen. Testers love tailoring their car's personality at the push of a button. Owners especially praise the customizable exhaust, allowing the V12's voice to range from discreet purr to visceral roar.

No Bond car would be complete without a few covert tricks, and the Vanquish introduces a world-first invisible-to-the-eye head-up display. It projects driving information like speed and navigation directly onto the windshield through the lenses in your eyes. Owners rave about how it declutters their view. It's a prime example of how the Vanquish artfully blends technology, luxury, and innovation.

Rest assured, there's substance behind the high-tech wizardry. Advanced driver aids provide real safety and performance benefits for owners. All-wheel drive, brake vectoring, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and auto emergency braking are standard. So are handy features like front/rear parking sensors, auto-dimming mirrors, blind spot monitoring and more.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - A Timeless Yet Modern Design

The latest Aston Martin Vanquish retains the timeless elegance the nameplate is known for, yet the styling feels decisively modern and fresh. This delicate balance between heritage and progression captivates enthusiasts and designers alike.

The Vanquish silhouette still evokes the sweeping curves and long hood epitomized by early 2000s models. Aston Martin's signature grille and teardrop-shaped cabin remain instantly recognizable design motifs. Yet the surfaces are more tautly sculpted and aggressively accentuated on the new car. Details like the pronounced side strakes, active aero, and squat stance enhance the sports car aggressiveness. Reviewers praise how the styling hints at past icons like the original V12 Vanquish while evolving the design language.

Interior styling also masterfully blends old and new. The aviation-inspired dashboard and cockpit layout are pure Aston Martin. Materials like quilted leather and metal trims continue traditions of craftsmanship. Yet modern touches like the Glass Cockpit display, central touchscreen, and jewel-like switchgear give the cabin a tech-savvy edge. Automotive journalists routinely praise how the Vanquish cabin surrounds occupants in heritage and luxury while embracing the future.

Perhaps most impressive is how the Vanquish's design optimizes performance as much as aesthetics. The active aero profile reduces lift at speed while retaining elegance. Engineers shaved mass from the carbon fiber body to enhance agility. Cooling ducts and intakes are discretely integrated rather than sticking out like tacked-on afterthoughts. One writer remarked that the Vanquish "œwears its technology gracefully" unlike more single-minded supercars.

Esteemed car designers also hold the Vanquish in high regard for its styling artistry. Henrik Fisker called it "œbreathtaking inside and out" and a testament to evolving icons through design. Ian Callum dubbed it "œsensuous but aggressive" and a lesson in visual drama. Owners too rave about the styling, citing how it turns heads yet oozes subtle sophistication up close. For them, the Vanquish nails the allure of understated supercar styling.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - The Art of High-Speed Precision

Mastering a supercar like the Aston Martin Vanquish requires appreciating the art of high-speed precision. This rarefied breed of automobile demands sharp reflexes and an innate feel for precision to extract its performance potential. Taming the Vanquish's 690 horsepower means embracing the nuances that separate average drivers from great ones at speed.

Experts describe two key aptitudes for precision driving in the Vanquish. First is having the vision to read the road and plan maneuvers with foresight. Scanning far ahead allows drivers to set up for corners early and transition smoothly between blinds turns or chicanes. One must also intimately understand weight transfer - how load shifts affect balance and grip entering, through, and exiting corners. Professional test driver Vincent Radermecker likened it to "meditating with the car."

Equally critical is having fine manual dexterity and lightness of touch. Being smooth yet decisive with the steering, throttle, and brakes preserves stability when cornering at high velocities. Gentle precision modulates these controls to keep the chassis composed and the tires adhered through bends. Manhandling the Vanquish only upsets its equilibrium and risks breaking traction.

Passionate owners emphasize that mastering high-speed precision is a lifelong journey. For many, the Vanquish is their first supercar, demanding new techniques versus ordinary sports cars. But learning its nuances offers rich rewards. Drivers describe entering a "œflow state" at speed, instinctively coaxed through corners by the Vanquish's communicative chassis. The precision becomes almost euphoric.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Aston Martin's Sleek New Supercar Makes 007 Proud - Licensed to Thrill on the Open Road

For owners, the Aston Martin Vanquish offers a license to thrill on the open road unlike any other supercar. This is a true gentleman"™s GT equally at home cruising winding backroads as it is storming raceday circuits. And with its sublime chassis and 690 horsepower V12, the Vanquish delivers incredible real-world excitement at legal speeds.

Reviewers revel in the Vanquish's duality of character that enables heart-pounding thrills without breaking the law. Car and Driver's Scott Oldham took a Vanquish on a cross-country road trip and described the experience as "œintoxicating." Even while obeying speed limits, the precise steering, tenacious grip, and sensational engine made every drive special. Oldham said it filled him with child-like excitement on mundane errands and backroad blasts alike.

Owners too praise the Vanquish for adrenaline rushes within legal limits. Its immense performance reserves mean squirting through traffic or storming up on-rampss still provide hit after hit of dopamine. Enthusiast forums regale weekend drives where the Vanquish brought joy to twisty roads WITHOUT excessive speed. The sounds, the g forces, the connection to the car - all stoke passion at any pace.

But most of all, owners say the Vanquish stirs the soul thanks to its drivability and dynamic brilliance. They describe how confidence in the chassis and ergonomics allows pushing harder into sweeping corners or intricate sequences. The Aston telegraphs its limits with finely calibrated steering and progressive breakaway at the rear. Drivers need not flirt with triple-digit speeds to feel thrilled. Margin for error inspires confidence to carry momentum.

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