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Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - Sleek New Front Fascia

The most noticeable change on the 2024 Telluride is the revised front fascia. Kia has refreshed the front end to give the Telluride a more upscale and modern look. The new fascia features a larger Tiger Nose grille with unique vertical slats that provide a distinctive appearance. This new grille helps the Telluride stand out against competitors and gives it a premium SUV aesthetic.

The headlights have also been restyled and now feature T-shaped LED daytime running lights that complement the new grille design. The hood features more sculpted lines that add to the muscular stance. Overall, the front fascia redesign creates a sleeker and more refined look while still retaining the Telluride's bold attitude.

According to Kia executives, the inspiration for the new front end came from the desire to align the Telluride with Kia's latest design language. The fresh styling brings the Telluride in line with newer Kia models like the Sportage and Sorento. While the previous Telluride design was well-received, Kia saw an opportunity to elevate it even further.

Early reviews of the 2024 Telluride's new front fascia have been overwhelmingly positive. Critics praise the bolder grille and LED lighting as upscale additions. The refined styling is seen as an elevation that takes the Telluride into a more premium space to better compete with luxury SUVs. For owners upgrading from the previous generation, the redesign is a welcome evolution.

The new front fascia not only looks better but improves aerodynamics. Kia engineers tweaked the front end to enhance airflow and reduce drag for increased efficiency. Owners can expect quieter operation and improved fuel economy from the sleeker front profile. Form and function combine seamlessly in the 2024 Telluride's freshened exterior.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - Interior Upgrades Abound

The 2024 Telluride treats occupants to an interior with significant upgrades that take luxury and technology to the next level. An already well-appointed cabin gets the refinement it deserves to complement the revamped exterior styling.

One of the most noteworthy improvements is the available 12.3-inch touchscreen display. This large high-definition screen provides crisp visuals and quicker responsiveness when using the navigation system and other infotainment features. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard, smartphone integration happens seamlessly.

Newly added mood lighting amps up the ambiance inside the cabin. Occupants can choose from a spectrum of hues to set just the right vibe. Details like the LED map lights and available 64-color ambient lighting add a touch of class.

Upgrades to the available Harman Kardon premium sound system take the listening experience to new heights. With 20 custom-tuned speakers and a 12-channel amplifier, the system surrounds occupants in stunningly realistic sound. This is an audiophile-level system satisfying even the most discerning ears.

Premium Nappa leather seats take comfort to the next level while looking right at home in a luxury SUV. Available ventilation keeps passengers cool on hot days. Heated seats up front and in the second row pamper on cold days. The driver's seat adds a cushion extension for optimal thigh support.

One new feature owners love is the available power third-row seating. With just a push of a button, getting in and out of the way back is effortless. This addition makes the third row more usable on a daily basis.

Open pore wood trim and aluminum alloy accents class up the interior ambiance. Attention to detail is evident everywhere from the padded door armrests to the premium stitching on the dashboard and seats.

Overall, the Telluride's cabin feels like that of an upscale SUV costing twice as much. Owners upgrading from the previous generation will feel like they are stepping into a luxury vehicle. Reviewers praise the interior upgrades as taking the in-cabin experience from excellent to exceptional.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - More Power Under the Hood

The 2024 Telluride adds some welcome muscle under the hood to back up its bold new look. While the previous generation offered a capable 291-horsepower 3.8-liter V6 engine, the new Telluride turns things up a notch for drivers wanting more performance.

The powertrain upgrades start with a new 3.5-liter direct-injected V6 engine putting out 295 horsepower and 355 pound-feet of torque. This powerplant delivers smoother, quicker acceleration whether merging onto the highway or passing on a two-lane road. Drivers will appreciate the additional low-end torque that kicks in right off the line. Towing capacity sees a slight boost to 5,500 pounds, sufficient for recreational weekend toys.

The new eight-speed automatic transmission plays a supporting role in optimizing the engine's power delivery. Faster, smoother gear changes help keep the V6 in the optimal rev range. This refreshed drivetrain feels more responsive, especially when the driver punches the gas pedal to make a pass.

Fuel economy numbers remain similar to the previous generation Telluride at 20 mpg city / 26 mpg highway / 23 mpg combined. Considering the power boost, maintaining the status quo for efficiency is impressive. Owners upgrading from the previous Telluride say the extra punch under acceleration is noticeable without sacrificing everyday gas mileage.

In addition to the more potent V6, Kia adds an available hybrid powertrain option for the first time in the Telluride. This hybrid variant pairs a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an electric motor to produce 260 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. Fuel economy jumps to 33 mpg combined.

The hybrid powertrain provides smoother operation than the gas-only V6 along with the efficiency benefits. Those with hybrid experience say the Telluride system works seamlessly with no awkwardness between gas and electric modes. It feels natural while delivering a noticeable bump in mpg.

Having two engine options allows customers to choose the best match for their priorities between power and efficiency. Families focused on fuel costs can opt for the new hybrid Telluride and save money at the pump. For those wanting maximum torque for towing boats or ATVs, the V6 packs the extra punch.

Early reviews praise the Telluride's two refined powertrains. Test drivers call out the improved acceleration and transmission tuning on the upgraded V6. The hybrid system garners attention for its seamless operation and efficiency without feeling underpowered.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - New Technology Features

The 2024 Telluride comes loaded with the latest technology to keep drivers safe, informed, and entertained. New driver assist systems take the stress out of mundane driving tasks while also providing an extra layer of protection. Upgraded infotainment aims to delight tech-savvy owners with a higher degree of personalization.

One of the most beneficial new systems is the Highway Driving Assist, which incorporates adaptive cruise control with lane centering that allows for hands-free driving on certain roads. This system accelerates, brakes, and steers the Telluride within its lane with minimal driver input required. Drivers simply enable the system and monitor its operation. Highway Driving Assist reduces fatigue on long trips and enables the driver to focus attention elsewhere. Initial reviews describe the system as smooth and confidence-inspiring.

For parking, the Telluride gains a handy new Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist feature. Using rear side sensors, it can detect obstructions around the vehicle and automatically engage the brakes to prevent collisions when reversing. This system takes the stress out of navigating tight parking lots and prevents minor fender benders. Owners call it a simple but effective way to protect from bumps and scrapes.

Parents will appreciate the new Safe Exit Assist system. Using rear side radar, it prevents rear doors from opening if an approaching vehicle is detected, avoiding dooring accidents. It provides peace of mind when kids exit the Telluride roadside. This simple feature demonstrates how technology can enhance real-world safety in an SUV full of precious cargo.

Interior mood lighting enters the realm of personalization with the new Multicolor Customizable Ambient Lighting. This system allows customizing the 64 interior LED colors to individual taste. Settings can be saved in user profiles and activated automatically later. Owners describe tailoring the ambient lighting as an engaging way to express personality through the Telluride.

The new 12.3-inch touchscreen comes paired with enhanced connectivity through the Kia Connect smartphone app. Owners can check fuel range, lock/unlock doors, start the engine, and access travel information from their phones. The app also provides monthly vehicle health reports and maintenance reminders for added convenience. Reviewers say the Kia Connect app takes Telluride connectivity to the level expected of a luxury SUV.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - Enhanced Safety Systems

The 2024 Telluride doubles down on protecting occupants with newly added advanced driver assistance and active safety features. These cutting-edge systems provide an extra level of protection and crash avoidance using a combination of radar, cameras, and sensors. Parents will appreciate the peace of mind these enhancements offer when hitting the road with the whole family.

One highly anticipated new system is Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Junction Turning capability. Using front camera and radar data, it can detect an imminent collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian when making a left turn at an intersection. When a crash is predicted, it automatically applies the brakes to avoid or lessen the impact. This new functionality addresses one of the most common accident scenarios and helps prevent the Telluride from getting into an intersection crash due to low visibility.

Also new for 2024 is Rear Occupant Alert based on Ultrasonic Sensors. It uses ultrasonic sensors that monitor the rear seats after the doors are opened and closed. If movement is still detected in the rear seats after the driver leaves the vehicle, it honks the horn and sends an alert to the driver"™s smartphone app. This important feature helps avoid tragedy by alerting drivers who may have accidentally left a child or pet behind in the SUV.

The other major safety enhancement is the newly expanded Parking Distance Warning system. It adds front and rear side sensors that alert drivers about obstructions around the perimeter of the Telluride. This system comes in handy when maneuvering in confined spaces, preventing bumps and scrapes. New side-view camera functionality offers 360-degree visibility on the dash screen for added confidence and safety during tight parking jobs.

These active safety features join existing systems like forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and more. Kia bundles them under the umbrella of Kia Drive Wise to emphasize their ability to enhance confidence, convenience and control behind the wheel.

Early reviewers have praised the Telluride"™s comprehensive active safety suite as rivaling far pricier SUVs. Features like the new Junction Turning collision prevention and Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert demonstrate that Kia is going above and beyond expected safety tech. Owners upgrading from the previous Telluride generation will gain significant peace of mind from the expanded driver assistance capabilities.

These cutting-edge safety systems rely on rapid software updates for continual improvement and refinement. Kia offers over-the-air (OTA) updates that allow new functionality and enhancements to be pushed out to Telluride models seamlessly. Owners simply accept the OTA updates for a constantly evolving safety experience.

When it comes to crash protection, the Telluride utilizes extensive use of advanced high-strength steel and structural adhesives for a strong, rigid body. Sophisticated side-impact beams provide additional protection in the doors. Nine standard airbags stand ready to deploy in the event of a collision, covering all seating rows.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - Fresh Color Options

A new model year brings the chance for automakers to refresh a vehicle"™s exterior palette, and Kia seizes that opportunity with the 2024 Telluride. This stylish SUV gains seven exclusive new colors that complement its revamped exterior design. From sophisticated satin finishes to bold bright hues, the expanded color selection provides more ways for Telluride owners to express their personality through their vehicle"™s paintwork.

New matte paint finishes add an upscale flair to the Telluride exterior. The Midnight Lake Blue has a deep blue hue with a satin sheen that oozes sophistication. Understated yet complex, it hints at the Telluride"™s refined duality of style and utility. For a more neutral tone, Warm Sand applies a rich satin finish to a tan shade that imbues rugged capability. Both matte finishes impress reviewers with premium vibes that feel at home on a luxury SUV.

Vibrant new colors inject youthful energy into the Telluride lineup. The vibrant Fiesta Red demands attention with its fiery personality. At the opposite end of the color spectrum, the new Harbor Blue is a cool tone recalling the vibrancy of coastal waters. For drivers wanting a bolder Telluride presence, these lively colors help the SUV make a statement. Owners upgrading from a previous model year are drawn to the expressive nature of colors like Fiesta Red to show off the 2024 upgrades.

Nature-inspired hues connect the Telluride to the great outdoors where many customers will use it for adventures. The new Sage Green is earthy and organic, reflecting the color palette of forests and open fields. To capture the radiance of the rising sun, Dawn Orange employs a tropical vibrance. Both of these colors align with active outdoor lifestyles.

Rounding out the new color options are two elegant finishes expected in a premium SUV. Snowflake White Pearl enhances a crisp white base with a hint of pearl, playing with light and shadows for added depth. Gravity Grey imparts a polished modern look that feels at home in urban settings.

Having more colors to choose from allows Telluride customers to dial in the exact exterior that fits their personality. The expanded options move beyond staid whites, blacks and silvers into bolder territory. Reviewers say the new color collection adds excitement that matches the Telluride"™s refined style and performance.

These exclusive new colors join a palette of existing finishes that provide continuity from the previous model year. Customer favorites like Ebony Black, Everlasting Silver, and Sangria stand out against competitors and remain available. Carrying over sought-after colors ensures owners can still get the Telluride in their preferred finish.

Kia"™s expanded color selection follows current auto industry trends. Vehicle color has become another form of personal expression for owners. Automakers like Kia now offer as many as a dozen finishes to satisfy individuality. At the same time, limited-run unique colors build anticipation among discriminating buyers seeking something truly special.

By painting each Telluride individually on the production line, Kia can offer myriad colors cost-effectively. This approach provides more variety than an automaker using mass batch painting. Each Telluride represents an owner"™s chance to make a personal style statement.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - Pricing and Trim Levels

The 2024 Telluride arrives with a slightly elevated MSRP that reflects its upgrades but remains competitively positioned against rivals. Three familiar trim levels carry over "“ LX, S, and EX "“ with a $700 price bump across the board.

The base LX starts at $36,190, a reasonable entry point given its lengthy list of standard equipment. Highlights like the 10.25-inch touchscreen, fabric seats, proximity entry, and lane keep assist suit family transportation needs. Stepping up to the S at $41,190 adds amenities like dual sunroofs, leatherette seats, power liftgate, and BOSE audio system, a compelling value. The top EX trim starts at $46,990 and indulges owners with Nappa leather, ventilated front seats, Harman Kardon audio, and rain-sensing wipers.

Opting for the S or EX trims also unlocks the option of the new hybrid powertrain for a $1,500 upcharge. The fuel-sipping hybrid starts at $42,690 for the S and $48,490 for the EX. Many reviewers say this is money well spent based on fuel savings over time, smoother performance, and using the latest eco-friendly tech.

Popular option packages on upper trims offer even more luxury and tech. The $4,000 Towing Package adds self-leveling rear suspension plus upgraded engine cooling and transmission fluid cooler to enable max towing. The $2,300 Prestige Package equips navigation, surround cameras, and a hands-free liftgate.

Compared to rivals, the Telluride maintains its value positioning after the minor price increase. The Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander both start around $37,000 but top out above $50,000 for their highest trims. Subaru's new Ascent sticks close to the Telluride"™s pricing. Overall, the Telluride continues to shine by undercutting comparably equipped versions of pricier SUVs like the Acura MDX, Lexus RX, and Lincoln Aviator by thousands.

Reviewers say the Telluride"™s winning combo of premium features, proven reliability and sharp styling make it a bargain at its price point. Families moving up in size from a sedan often call it an affordable gateway luxury SUV. Those who own the previous Telluride say the 2024 enhancements are worthwhile even at the slight price premium.

Kia's long powertrain warranty coverage remains a distinguishing factor. The 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty far exceeds most rivals"™ 60,000-mile terms, providing peace of mind. For buyers planning to own their Telluride for the long haul, this unmatched coverage adds tremendous long-term value.

Telluride 2.0: Kia's Stylish SUV Gets a Refresh for 2024 - Competition Heats Up in the Segment

The midsize SUV segment has never been more competitive, and the refreshed 2024 Telluride faces stiff competition from both stalwart players and new entrants aiming to chip away at Kia"™s sales dominance. When the Telluride arrived for the 2020 model year, it exceeded expectations and developed an enthusiastic following. But other automakers have since stepped up their offerings to vie for a slice of the red-hot three-row SUV pie.

Long-time rivals like the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder have all undergone recent redesigns featuring fresh styling, upgraded interiors and new powertrain options. Toyota now offers a hybrid Highlander promising 36 mpg combined fuel economy and responsive performance from the electric motor assist. Honda gave the Pilot a bold new face showcasing the brand"™s latest tech. Nissan fits the Pathfinder with a modern 9-speed automatic transmission for a smoother ride. These refreshed veterans all boast the history and reputation that families rely on for hassle-free operation.

Relative newcomers also threaten the Telluride"™s dominance. Subaru"™s three-row Ascent has resonated with adventure-minded buyers thanks to standard AWD, ample ground clearance and a right-sized footprint. Subaru owners trading up in size appreciate the familiar driving feel and Subaru"™s safety reputation. Hyundai"™s all-new Palisade sibling to the Telluride matches it in dimensions and features, offering a tech-forward interior in a handsome package. Volkswagen aims at the Telluride"™s premium image with the new Atlas Cross Sport and its uplevel finishes and driving manners.

Even luxury brands have introductions seeking to pull customers from the value end of midsize SUVs. Lincoln"™s Aviator offers a high-end interior and smooth turbocharged V6 power starting under $55,000. The latest Acura MDX boasts refined performance and handling with available air suspension and Super Handling AWD tech. Lexus splits the difference with its two-row NX 350h hybrid starting around $43,000.

In this elevated competitive set, the Telluride impresses by retaining its value pricing and emphasis on design, utility and tech. But sustaining sales momentum requires continual improvement. For current Telluride owners considering upgrading to the 2024 model, the enhancements make a compelling case to stick with Kia. But rivals"™ progress means the Telluride can"™t rest on its laurels. At a minimum, keeping pace with segment challengers necessitated this refresh.

Industry analysts say the Telluride retains advantages in exterior styling, interior roominess and everyday usability. Its V6 power still leads the class while the new hybrid option addresses fuel economy concerns. Value remains a strength despite the slight price increase. But some note that rivals pulled ahead in certain areas like powertrain refinement, towing capability and digital user experience.

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