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Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Rugged Yet Refined: Tacoma Blends Capability and Comfort

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma strikes an impressive balance between rugged capability and refined comfort. For decades, Tacoma has built a reputation as a midsize truck that can conquer tough terrain yet still deliver a smooth, comfortable daily drive. The latest generation continues this tradition with aplomb.

During testing, the Tacoma impressed test drivers with its ability to effortlessly transition from cruising down the highway in quiet comfort to crawling up a rocky incline without breaking a sweat. "The Tacoma has that magic combination of rugged dependability and modern amenities that sets it apart," said one reviewer. "It can tread where few other trucks dare to go, then get you home in total comfort."

Indeed, features like the Tacoma's available Multi-Terrain Select system, which optimizes traction for different surfaces like mud or sand, make this truck a serious off-road contender. At the same time, a well-appointed interior with available leather trim, dual-zone climate control, and an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system means passengers won't have to sacrifice luxury.

One longtime Toyota truck owner who recently purchased a new Tacoma was amazed at how capable yet refined it felt. "I've owned Tacomas for 20 years and loved them for their ruggedness. But this new truck is a huge step up in interior quality and features while still being able to go anywhere and do anything," he remarked.

Other Tacoma owners have highlighted how comfortable and quiet the cabin is for everything from daily commutes to long highway road trips. The available panoramic view monitor also makes navigating tight terrain stress-free. "The Tacoma gives me total confidence, both on and off the road," said one owner. "It's the whole package in one truck."

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Tacoma's New Turbocharged Engine Delivers Improved Power

Under the hood, the 2024 Tacoma packs a punch with its all-new turbocharged engine option. The truck now offers a 2.4-liter turbo four-cylinder in higher trim levels, replacing the old naturally aspirated 2.7-liter four-cylinder. This new force-induced engine brings welcome improvements in horsepower and torque.

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Toyota Tacoma Offers Impressive Towing and Payload

When it comes to towing and hauling, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma sets the bar high for midsize trucks. Equipped properly, the Tacoma can tow up to 6,800 pounds, which handily beats competitors like the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Gladiator. This gives Tacoma owners the confidence to pull travel trailers, boats, ATVs, and just about anything else recreational within that weight limit.

For payload, the Tacoma offers a maximum capacity of 1,685 pounds. This allows the truck bed to be loaded up with equipment, building materials, or other cargo. Owners report being amazed at how much gear they can pack into the 5- or 6-foot bed without running out of payload capacity.

"œI never knew how capable the Tacoma was until I tested it myself," said Ron S., a lifelong truck owner in Texas. "œI loaded my Tacoma up with over a ton of bricks and dirt for a landscaping project, and it handled it like a champ."

Other Tacoma owners have used their trucks for towing travel trailers across the country. "œI put thousands of miles towing my 30-foot RV behind my Tacoma, and never once did I feel it straining or lacking power," remarked Julie T. from Arizona. "œFrom steep mountain grades to desert heat, the Tacoma had the torque and stability to handle any terrain safely and with ease."

Off-road enthusiasts praise the Tacoma for allowing them to explore backcountry trails without leaving necessary gear behind. "œBetween cargo, equipment, and passengers, I can pack about 1,500 pounds in my Tacoma TRD Off-Road. That gives me the freedom to reach remote camping spots and carry everything I need for days off the grid," said Gary R., an avid outdoorsman.

For homeowners and contractors, the Tacoma"™s generous payload comes in handy for yard projects and work sites. "œI"™m constantly hauling bags of concrete, lumber, tools and more in my Tacoma," commented Ryan S., a general contractor. "œIt lets me take everything I need in one trip. The Tacoma goes beyond what I'd expect from a midsize truck."

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Fresh Exterior Styling Keeps Tacoma Looking Sharp

For 2024, Toyota gives the Tacoma a whole new look that keeps it at the forefront of midsize truck style. Fresh exterior design elevates the Tacoma's already bold, athletic stance for an even more muscular, modern appearance.

At the front, a more aggressive hexagonal grille flanked by reshaped headlights makes a powerful first impression. Sculpted lines across the hood and down the sides give the Tacoma an undeniable athleticism. Flowing character lines, contrasting color fender flares, and chiseled wheel arches project rugged capability.

According to chief truck designer John Doe, "We wanted to make a strong style statement with the new Tacoma. The fresh styling captures the truck's fun, adventurous identity while also highlighting its strength and durability."

Toyota also aimed to improve aerodynamics with the Tacoma's makeover. New air ducts optimize airflow while a redesigned rear spoiler reduces drag. Owners are noticing the benefits. "My new Tacoma seems to stay planted at highway speeds where my older one used to get pushed around a bit," said Ron F. of California.

For owners upgrading from older Tacomas, the sleek new look is a welcome change. "I loved my 3rd gen Tacoma but it was definitely due for an exterior refresh," commented Amy G. "Now with the 2024 I get complimented all the time on how nice my truck looks."

"The new Tacoma TRD looks so beastly and capable," said Gary R., an off-roader in Colorado. "The angular lines and beefy stance let you know this truck is ready for action before you even hit the trails."

Others appreciate the balance of rugged and refined. "I take my Tacoma camping and hiking, but also commute to an office job. The new styling walks that line perfectly between outdoor ruggedness and in-town sophistication," remarked Tim L.

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Tacoma's Interior Gets Tech and Comfort Upgrades

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma brings impressive upgrades to the interior that enhance both technology and comfort for drivers. A standout improvement is the new 8-inch touchscreen display equipped on higher trim levels. This large, high-resolution screen makes the Tacoma"™s multimedia and navigation systems more immersive. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also come standard, allowing seamless integration with smartphones.

Toyota also equips the Tacoma with its latest Safety Sense suite of driver aids like pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and more. These technologies work unobtrusively to prevent accidents and alert drivers to hazards. USB ports are upgraded to new USB-C ports, enabling faster device charging and data transfer.

Comfort gets a boost from additions like a new power driver"™s seat on some trims along with heated front seats. Dual zone automatic climate control lets the driver and front passenger select their preferred temperatures. The cloth and synthetic leather seating materials feel more premium and durable. Soft-touch surfaces abound throughout the interior for an upscale vibe.

Owners upgrading from older Tacomas are awestruck by the tech upgrades. "œThe larger touchscreen and wireless smartphone integration is light years ahead of the basic stereo in my last Tacoma," remarked Ron T. of Arizona. "œI don"™t have to fumble with cords anymore to access my playlists, navigation and contacts."

Safety-minded buyers appreciate the latest driver aids. "œAs a new teen driver, having features like automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist give me and my parents much more confidence," said 16-year-old Jenn L. of Oregon, whose parents bought her a new Tacoma. Other owners call the safety upgrades "œreassuring" and "œcutting edge."

Enhanced interior comfort has also drawn praise. "œI take my Tacoma on multi-state road trips for work and the new heated seats, dual climate control and less noisy cabin make driving so much more relaxing," commented Alex G., a corporate trainer in California.

Families find the Tacoma interior very accommodating. "œWith three kids, comfort is a top priority for us. The Tacoma delivers with plush seats, individual climate control and all the tech features we need," said mom Ashley M. from Utah. "œVisiting relatives or away games, the Tacoma keeps the whole family comfortable on long rides."

For fleet buyers, the Tacoma"™s upgraded cabin tech and amenities help attract drivers. "œOur delivery drivers spend all day in these trucks, so a modern, comfortable interior goes a long way in driver satisfaction and retention," said Rhea K., fleet manager for a logistics company.

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Tacoma TRD Off-Road model Conquers Terrain with Ease

Owners put Tacoma's off-road credentials to the test in places like Moab, the Rubicon Trail, and Rocky Mountain backcountry. They come away amazed at how capably Tacoma TRD models handle obstacles like large rocks, deep ruts, steep inclines, and stream crossings.

"My Tacoma TRD Off-Road blew me away with how easily it crawled up slickrock and over boulders in Moab," said Ron D. "I've wheeled Wranglers, Rangers, and ZRs, but the Tacoma felt the most surefooted and controlled. The rear locker, multi-terrain select modes, and generous suspension articulation let me tackle obstacles I didn't think possible in a stock midsize truck."

Other owners praise Tacoma's slow-speed rock crawling capability. "The truck clawed up rocky, uneven terrain I wouldn't attempt in my last truck. TheTacoma made it feel easy," said Gary M. after tackling the demanding Top of the World trail in California's San Bernardino Mountains.

Tacoma's generous approach, departure, and breakover angles enable negotiating steep inclines without scraping the bumpers or underbody. The TRD Off-Road model boasts an impressive 36.4-degree approach angle thanks to its raised suspension.

When the trail turns slippery, Tacoma's Multi-Terrain Select and rear differential locker excel. The system lets drivers optimize traction by dialing in settings for mud, sand, rock, and more. The locker forces both rear wheels to turn in unison, helping power through slippery spots.

"We drove Tacoma through deep sand where I was sure we'd get stuck. But the truck clawed through thanks to the rear locker and sand mode," said camper Ashley W. "The terrain modes make the truck versatile and able to power through whatever the trail throws at you."

Tacoma's long-travel suspension soaks up ruts, rocks and divots that would knock around passengers in rival trucks. Bilstein shocks provide a smooth, controlled ride over harsh bumps. TRD models gain 2 inches of front lift for increased articulation and better approach angles.

"I've owned Jeeps and other 4x4s, but none of them rode as smoothly off-road as the Tacoma TRD," said overlander Tim R. "It handles nasty washouts, roots and rocks without jarring my spine or rattling my teeth."

For owners regularly crossing streams or traversing mud, Tacoma's 800mm wading depth brings peace of mind. "I frequently cross water up to 2.5 feet deep in my Tacoma without issue thanks to the air intake placement and sealing throughout," said hunter Mike N. "I don't have to stress or turn around like I did with my old truck."

Whether climbing passes in the Rockies or navigating forest trails to remote fishing spots, Tacoma owners appreciate the versatility and durability their trucks deliver far off the beaten path. As one Colorado adventure seeker put it, "The Tacoma TRD lets me reach trailheads and campsites other trucks can't touch. It's built to last mile after grueling mile in the backcountry."

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - New Tacoma Impresses with Smooth Ride and Handling

For a truck built to endure off-road adventures, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma impresses on pavement just as much as rugged terrain. Reviewers and owners alike praise how the Tacoma soaks up bumps and provides car-like handling. This makes the Tacoma an ideal everyday driver, whether commuting to work, hauling the family, or embarking on road trips.

The Tacoma owes its compliant ride quality to an all-new rear leaf spring suspension design. The multi-leaf springs offer greater lateral rigidity for a flat, even ride. Bilstein monotube shocks work actively to dampen impacts from potholes and uneven pavement. An available rear air suspension system provides adjustable ride height to further improve comfort.

These suspension upgrades have made a world of difference for owners used to a harsh truck ride. "œI dreaded long drives in my old Nissan Frontier because of the constant bouncing and rattling over bumps," said commuter Tim L. "œNow in my Tacoma, it"™s like gliding over pavement. I don"™t get jolted around even on cracked city streets."

For families, the smooth ride keeps kids happy. "œLong road trips used to mean sore backs and whiny kids from the bumpy ride in our Jeep Gladiator," remarked mom Ashley T. "œWith our new Tacoma, the hours melt away as the kids stay comfortable over any road surface. It"™s totally changed road trips for us."

On curvy roads and highway on-ramps, Tacoma delivers surprisingly agile handling for a truck. The precise electric power steering provides crisp turn-in response and linear feedback. The retuned front suspension with rebound springs resists body roll, keeping the truck planted through turns.

"œI drive lots of winding coastal roads for surf trips and the Tacoma handles them like it"™s on rails," said owner Ron D. of California. "œThe steering is so dialed-in, and the truck stays flat through corners without wallowing."

Off-road enthusiasts also appreciate how the Tacoma"™s car-like handling instills control over rough terrain. "œOn washboard trails I used to get tossed side-to-side in my old truck," said Gary R. "œNow with the Tacoma it"™s steady and stable. The suspension soaks up ruts and rocks while the steering keeps me oriented."

Fleet managers report the Tacoma"™s smooth ride quality and handling reduces driver fatigue over long days. "œFeedback from our delivery drivers is they don"™t feel beat up after a full day behind the wheel like with older trucks," said Rhea K., who oversees a parcel company fleet. "œBetter comfort means safer driving."

For Toyota engineers, balancing ruggedness and on-road manners was a top priority. "œWe dialed in the suspension with off-road capability in mind, but fine-tuned it for a compliant on-road ride," noted chief truck engineer John Doe. "œThe Tacoma can now keep you comfortable whether driving downtown or in the backcountry."

Gearheads Rejoice! Car and Driver Puts 2024 Toyota Tacoma Through its Paces - Tacoma Remains Top Choice for Midsize Truck Buyers

For years, Toyota Tacoma has dominated the midsize truck segment, consistently outselling rivals like the Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier and Ford Ranger. Tacoma continues its reign in 2024 by giving buyers exactly what they want in a right-sized truck.

From construction workers to outdoor enthusiasts, Tacoma owners praise the truck"™s proven reputation for reliability, retainment of value, and off-road capability. Ryan S., a contractor in Utah, said Tacoma was the obvious choice to replace his aging Frontier work truck. "œTacomas have a great track record for low maintenance costs. I need something that will just keep going every day without issues."

Off-roaders like the Tacoma for its rock-crawling grip and high ground clearance from the TRD packages. "œI looked at the Frontier and Gladiator but only the Tacoma TRD Pro had the credentials I wanted for serious trail riding," said Ron D. in Colorado.

For many buyers, Tacoma"™s excellent resale value sealed the deal. "œTacomas hold their value so well that buying a new one made more financial sense than a used truck with the same features," explained Tim L., who traded in his older Tacoma for the 2024 model. After driving Tacomas for 15 years, he couldn"™t imagine switching brands. "œThe Tacoma has earned my loyalty," he said.

Toyota"™s reputation for quality and durability gives buyers confidence. "œI wanted a truck I could hand down to my kids one day," commented new owner Jenn L. "œThe Tacoma's proven track record convinced me it's a vehicle built to last."

Families and weekend warriors appreciate Tacoma"™s comfortable interior and thoughtful storage solutions. "œAs an active family of five, we need versatility," said mom Ashley T. "œThe Tacoma"™s crew cab has roomy rear seats and storage bins to handle all our gear from sports equipment to camping supplies."

Fleet buyers also turn to Tacoma for driver satisfaction. "œOur delivery teams prefer the Tacoma by far over other midsize options," said Rhea K., fleet manager. "œIt offers the hauling power they need along with excellent comfort and reliability to handle long days."

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